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Cakestar was originally founded in 2008, started with a family bakery, Bona Via Bakery.  Father Nicola Chiaravalloti was an accomplished Pastry chef and taught his 3 daughters much about the baking world.  Each opening their own food location with Monja Chiara starting Cakestar in Longbranch, Etobicoke in 2010.  It has since become a well known and loved place by both the Toronto and locals.  Winning the Gem of the Lakeshore award twice for best food service, Best bakery in the Reader Choice awards, along with many magazine and newspaper features. 

   Monja the owner and her team have appeared on TV shows like Best cake Wins and the Food Networks The Big Bake, and making cakes for YouTube tv shows and movies like 'Man from Toronto'  

The Cakestar team continues to be open and operating safely during these strange times.

 We have tried to keep our pricing fair and steady over the years and infact have not changed our prices in over six years. We have recently had to adjust to keep up with the raising costs but still create delicious desserts.  You may note a slight change in our pricing, this was and necesary growing pain as we would love to be able to keep the quality of our cakes, work and amazing edible art that we have become known for. 

We hope to continue to serve our clients for many years to come, making celebrations special with every cake bite! Thank you for supporting a small business!!

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3431 Lake Shore Blvd. West, Etobicoke, On, M8W-1N2

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